Roy Schwarcz

Roy grew up in a successful Jewish family, and had everything he wanted materially, but still felt unsatisfied. He was distressed by the injustice he saw in the world and decided that he wanted to change the world – to help people. So, he thought one way he could do that was by becoming a lawyer.

Before embarking on his law career, he decided to travel cross-country. While in Wisconsin, he met a girl and her friends who shared with him the Message of Jesus the Messiah, the son David, the son of Abraham. At first he dismissed their views, because he thought Jesus was a stranger to the Jewish people, but soon realized after reading quite a bit of the New Testament that Jesus was very Jewish.

As he continued to read the New Testament, he now viewed Yeshua as a Jewish man, who faced injustice, willingly, to be the Messiah of the world. He was wise, sacrificial and was the epitome of the kinds of values Roy affirmed.

He finally decided to give His life to the Messiah Jesus and found shalom.