Ronit Shreyberg

Ronit grew up in a religious Jewish home. She loved her traditions and going to synagogue.

However, she felt that she did not have a deep relationship with God. Ronit’s cousin, who was a Jewish follower of Jesus, took her to church. After the experience, Ronit was still unsure. She went to the Hebrew Scriptures to find out who the Messiah is. In the Scriptures, she read that the Messiah will be a prophet like Moses – she began to wonder who this person might be. Nobody but Yeshua seemed to fit the bill.

Ronit’s sister became a follower of Jesus, and this was monumental for Ronit. The changes in her sister’s life, and the peace she experienced confirmed the truth about Yeshua for Ronit. Despite facing rejection from friends and family, Ronit knows that life with the Messiah is worth it.