Michael Goldstone

Michael grew up in a traditional, but not very religious Jewish home. He started searching for spiritual truth in his later teen years. He experimented with drugs, read books on Eastern religions and looked for fulfillment in a variety of ways. There was a longing deep in his soul. He and his friend Ron moved from upstate New York to southern Oregon, where they purchased 20 acres to grow tomatoes. It was not very successful or satisfying. Michael grew more depressed and discouraged so they hitchhiked to southern Mexico in search of magic mushrooms.

While in Mexico, they encountered a group of hippies who talked about the Bible and Jesus. Michael could not understand this and it was hard at first to think about Jesus because of the way he was raised. He was Jewish and it did not make sense to him.

On his way back to Oregon, Michael met Debra in San Francisco, they fell in love and something changed. He started reading the Bible and his heart and understanding began to change. Then God had met him, opened his heart to the truth, believed that Yeshua was the Messiah and found Shalom!