Laura was searching, but could not find fulfillment. As a child she frequently joined her grandmother in synagogue and warmly remembers the liturgy, but rejected the Jewish religion. She thought she might find fulfillment in love, success, possessions and life experiences. After a failed marriage, she wore divorce as a badge of honor. She climbed the corporate ladder. With each promotion she encountered more emptiness. Nothing satisfied her. Religion was the last place she expected to find meaning and happiness. To Laura, religion was irrelevant and senseless. Her misgivings dramatically changed when she encountered a woman who seemed to be so happy with her life.

Her friend persuaded Laura to join her at church. Laura agreed and was intrigued by the people she met. They evidently had a relationship with the Creator of the universe. She thought, “How can Gentiles have this, but not me.” Laura’s discovered happiness, hope, love and peace when she realized that Jesus was not only for the Gentiles and accepted Him as her Messiah.