Kamran Jadda

Kamran grew up in a Persian Jewish family. As a young man, he moved to the United States. However, Kamran quickly became homesick and was depressed because he could not be close to his family and friends who were back in Iran.

Kamran befriended a couple of young men who lived in the same apartment complex as he did. One day they asked him if he wanted to learn about the Jewish Messiah. Kamran was secure in his Jewish identity and his traditions. He was very surprised by the Jewishness of the New Testament and its authors. As he read the teachings of Jesus, Kamran was even more astonished by the Jewishness of the texts.

He asked God to reveal the truth about Yeshua to him. After months of study and reading the Bible, Kamran was convinced that Yeshua, Jesus, was the promised Messiah of Israel.

The peace and joy that was absent in Kamran’s life were now a constant presence. His brother and uncle were opposed to his new faith, and he was alienated from his family. From there his life spiraled out of control, but God kept calling him back, and he eventually rededicated his life to the Messiah – never to falter again.